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Prof. Keisari wins Best Oral Presentation Award at ABS Annual Meeting

We're excited that at this year’s American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) Meeting, Prof. Keisari was awarded the Best Oral Presentation Award at the Breast Plenary Session!

Prof. Yona Keisari (Alpha DaRT co-inventor) and Dr. Peter Orio (President of the American Brachytherapy Society)

Prof. Keisari presented his results on “Immunomodulation of the Antitumor Response Induced by Alpha Radiation-Based Radiotherapy - Results in the Elimination of Spontaneous Lung Metastases in a Triple Negative Breast Cancer Mice Model and in the Cure of Colon Cancer Bearing Mice".

Furthermore, the scientific committee invited two additional researchers to present their Alpha DaRT studies. Prof. Popovtzer, MD, showed the preliminary results of his clinical trial on recurrent and radio-resistant head and neck and skin cancer. Lior Arazi, Ph.D., explained the Alpha DaRT Dosimetry model.

The Alpha DaRT received immense recognition and several experts pointed out the great potential of DaRT to create abscopal effect and to become a game changer in the use of localized radiation therapy!

The 2019 American Brachytherapy Society’s Annual Meeting was designed around the theme, “Knowledge is Power: Generating Awareness for Patients & Practitioners". Specific focus was laid on scientific data on the efficacy of intratumoral radiation therapy for all disease sites as well as an understanding of how to effectively communicate this message to patients and referring providers.

“We must remember that the first shot for cure is the best shot for cure and we must advocate for treatments that make the first shot maximally effective,” said Peter Orio, President of the American Brachytherapy Society

Note: Some details in this article were changed after initial publication.

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