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Pancreatic Cancer


Clinical Center​s
Active, Recruiting


  • Centre Hospitalier de l'Université de Montréal (CHUM)

  • Jewish General Hospital
    Montréal, Quebec, Canada


  • Hadassah Ein Kerem
    Jerusalem, Israel

Alpha DaRT Clinical Trials
Pancreatic Cancer

This study is designed to evaluate the feasibility, safety and preliminary efficacy of intratumoral alpha radiation mediated treatment with Alpha DaRT sources for the treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer. Promising results from our preclinical studies encouraged us to explore the potential therapeutic benefit of Alpha DaRT for pancreatic cancer in humans.

The investigational site will recruit patients with advanced pancreatic cancer, specifically, unresectable and metastatic cancer who meet the eligibility criteria for inclusion in the study.


Participation in a clinical trial is one possible option for people who have cancer. It is recommended that patients consult with their doctor about potential participation in a clinical trial.

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