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Alpha DaRT™ Treatment
While local radiation therapy has been a mainstay of cancer therapy for years, it has been mostly limited to modalities utilizing beta or gamma emissions. Alpha DaRT™ is the first localized anticancer therapy to utilize the specific therapeutic properties of alpha particles to treat solid tumors.  
Due to the inherent limited range of the alpha particles, the Alpha DaRT technology, directly inserted into a solid tumor, has the potential to kill cancerous cells with localized precision without damaging surrounding healthy tissues. This means that treatment with Alpha DaRT may produce fewer harsh side effects than standard cancer therapies such as chemotherapy, conventional radiation therapy, or invasive surgery.   
How does the procedure work?    
For superficial tumors, the Alpha DaRT is administered by inserting thin sources emitting alpha radiation directly into the tumor, through a quick, outpatient procedure, with minimal radioactive exposure and no need for hospitalization. After several days, at which point the dose of radiation has largely been delivered, the sources are removed from the tumor. 
The benefits of the treatment:  
  • Promising efficacy results achieved in preliminary clinical trials. In a first-in-human trial of certain cancers of the skin or head and neck, Alpha DaRT achieved a 100% overall response rate with over 78% complete response rate, where the tumor completely disappeared. Even tumors which had been resistant to prior radiation treatments responded to Alpha DaRT.   

  • Mild side effect profile. With minimal radioactive exposure, the treatment has the potential to destroy solid tumors irreparably with localized precision, while sparing surrounding healthy tissue. 

  • Single-session treatment. Alpha DaRT is applied to superficial tumors under local anesthesia in a short, single session. 

  • Potential stimulatory immune effect. Previous studies have demonstrated encouraging anti-tumor immune responses when tested in combination with immunotherapies or other systemic therapies.  

  • Opportunity to treat patients with limited alternative treatment options. The Alpha DaRT can potentially help patients who have radio-resistant or recurring tumors, who are ineligible for surgery, or for whom surgery would not have a meaningful impact on quality of life, or who otherwise would have limited treatment options.  

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