Newsletter - Issue no. 2

We are delighted to share with you our first quarterly newsletter of 2019. Beyond the great operational progress, our most important advancement this quarter has been the highly promising clinical results from the cancer centers, Rabin Medical Center (RMC) in Israel and IRST in Italy. In 26 patients treated at RMC and 5 patients at IRST, over 70% of the tumors were entirely destroyed. Patients also showed no negative systemic side effects and minimal local toxicity when compared to surgery or radiotherapy. Alongside our ongoing squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) trial, we have recently launched a new clinical trial to treat all types of skin and oral cavity cancer at RMC. We are thrilled that 3 patients have already been treated successfully. Meanwhile, we are continuing to expand our clinical trials with the opening of new sites. In Russia, we have signed an agreement to treat inoperable breast cancer – the new site will open in the next few months – and in the U.S., we have established new collaborations to treat lung tumors. Other clinical studies planned to open include pancreatic cancer, prostate cancer, gynecological cancer as well as tumors in the skin and oral cavity. Please follow us on social media to stay up to date on our upcoming events and progress.

Enjoy the read! Uzi Sofer, CEO and Chairman, Alpha Tau Medical ​


Turning Alpha Radiation into a High-precision Cancer Therapy Prof. Itzhak Kelson uncovers the story about Alpha DaRT Discover how Alpha DaRT delivers

on the huge clinical promise of alpha radiation. Read our co-inventor and Chief Physics Officer, Professor Itzhak Kelson, explain how his initial physics research was transformed into a ground-breaking treatment for solid tumors. Learn more

Alpha DaRT - Clinical Experts' Opinions

Global Clinical Experts Discussing the Need for the Alpha DaRT Treatment

We were proud to reveal our new video at the Biotech Showcase event in January showing our worldwide collaborations with the clinical community. Watch the full video to see key opinion leaders share their insights on the Alpha DaRT technology for solid tumor treatment. A special thank you to all our clinical experts for taking part.


Alpha Tau CEO, Uzi Sofer, Presents at the Biotech Showcase during JP Morgan Annual Healthcare Conference We were glad to be selected and have the opportunity to present Alpha Tau’s latest progress at the Biotech Showcase during the 37th Annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference. "It was a fantastic conference that garnered further interest and excitement for our breakthrough Alpha DaRT technology", said Mr. Sofer. "Thank you to everyone for coming to listen and meet with us." The Biotech Showcase, is part of the J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference, the industry’s largest annual healthcare investor conference. Learn more

Alpha Tau - Top 100 Innovation Companies Nikkei Business Publications

Nominated as one of the top “100 Companies That Will Change the World"!

We were excited to be nominated by Nikkei Business Publications of Japan as one of the top 100 innovative companies that will change the world! Alpha Tau was chosen as one out of 3 companies from Israel - “An Israeli company that develops medical equipment using radiation for patients with solid cancers such as breast cancer and skin cancer. Clinical development has started in Japan, the U.S. and in Europe.”

Michael Tolub at IPIEC Global Startup Competition

Expanding Operations to Asia and China

Michael Tolub was chosen to present our Alpha DaRT cancer treatment at the IPIEC Global start-up competition in China. “IPIEC GLOBAL 2018 is accredited as part of the Maker in China contest series guided by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the People’s Republic of China (MIIT).” The participation was an important part of our efforts to make our treatment available in China. Across all industry sectors, we were delighted to be voted as one of the “Top 30 Tech Projects of IPIEC GLOBAL 2018”.

Clinical Trials

Numerous Patients Contacted us to Participate in Clinical Trials

Numerous Patients Contacted us to Participate in Clinical Trials We are grateful for the huge interest and support we received following key articles in the UK Sunday Express, NoCamels, Israel21c and The Times of Israel with more than 500 patient inquiries in the last 2 months to participate in clinical trials. As we are committed to enabling patients to find the best care possible, we have expanded our clinical department to support this increased demand. We have also launched a self-assessment online test to help patients quickly know if Alpha DaRT can be suitable for them and how we can help.

Alpha Tau Japanese PMDA Approval Getting Closer