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Active, Recruiting

Alpha DaRT Safety and Effectiveness Study for Skin Cancer

The objectives of the study are to investigate the safety and effectiveness of intratumoral alpha radiation mediated treatment with Alpha DaRT seeds for the treatment of cutaneous tumors, mucosal neopplasm of the oral cavity, and soft tissue neoplasm including squamous cell carcinoma and basal cell carcinoma of the skin and of specific locations in the head, neck and oral cavity area. Results from our preclinical studies and clinical trial evaluating squamous cell carcinomas encouraged us to explore the potential therapeutic benefit of Alpha DaRT in this indication.

The trial will evaluate the safety and effectiveness of Alpha DaRT for tumors in patients who have either failed first-line treatment or are medically unfit for the standard of care (surgery, external-beam radiation therapy or chemotherapy), or search alternatives from the standard of care. More information about the trial is available.

Participation in a clinical trial is one possible option for people who have cancer. It is recommended that patients talk with their doctor to discuss potential participation in a clinical trial.

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