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Innovative technology using Alpha Emitters Radiotherapy for the Treatment of Solid Cancer Tumors

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Alpha DaRT

Alpha DaRT is a groundbreaking technology that enables the use of alpha radiation in a localized treatment of cancer. Our previous clinical study has shown more than 75% CRR and 100% ORR with a very low toxicity.


Having received FDA’s Breakthrough Device Designation for the treatment of SCC of the skin and GBM, we are soon completing our initial Skin Alpha DaRT feasibility clinical trial led by MSK Cancer Center in NYC and other medical institutions throughout the US, Alpha Tau is now starting to select sites for our upcoming US skin multicenter pivotal trial.

Alpha DaRT Advantages

Highly potent & conformal

No systemic toxicity observed

Safe procedure for caregivers

Targeted treatment

Minimal local toxicity observed

Combinable with other treatments

* based on previous clinical study published in the red journal 

The DaRT Diffusing Alpha Emitters 


Existing Clinical Trials

Previous Clinical Results

✓   United States

✓   Japan

✓   Canada

✓   Italy

✓   Israel

✓   100% Overall Response Rate

✓   78% Complete Response Rate

✓   High overall safety

✓   Very low toxicity

✓   No negative systemic effect


✓   SCC, Head & Neck and Skin

✓   Prostate

✓   GBM

✓   Breast 

✓   Lung

✓   Pancreas


Alpha DaRT Technology 

Alpha particles are known to be very destructive to tumor cells. They cause direct damage to the DNA of malignant cells and destroy them. However, the range of alpha particles in tissue is limited. Therefore, until now, it was not possible to use alpha particles as a treatment for solid tumors.

The Alpha DaRT technology uses the diffusion of atoms that emit alpha particles within the tumor tissue, in order to overcome the limitation of their short range. This makes possible the treatment of entire tumors.

The Alpha DaRT technology is based on small amounts of radioactive radium-224 fixed to metal needles that are inserted into the tumor itself.

When radium-224 decays, it releases radioactive atoms with short lifespans that diffuse inside the tumor. These atoms emit short-range alpha radiation that damages and kills cancer cells within a short period of time. The seeds with radium are placed into the tumor with the help of a piece of thread, which is also used to remove them at the termination of treatment.


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